Category: Other services Published: Sunday, 01 November 2020 Written by Richard Hoogeveen



Sometimes there is a need to re-introduce parts that are obsolete or hard to get.

I can make new designs or reverse engineer special parts. 3D printing, CNC, PCB layouts, lasercut completed parts.

Special parts can be made for you, you can contact me with the contact form for the possibilities.


Here is an example.

What you see here is a Lotus Start Inhibit relay A116M0032 remake. If the original relay fails you wont be able to start your Lotus, Vauxhall, Opel sportscar again.

It also has a small CPU programmed by me and I have upgraded the design. The schematics, testing, pcb layout and solder dispensering and smd reflow is done by HMR-audio.

A special test bench had been made to test this relays thoroughly. This product is highly successful and has never failed.


You can contact me with the contact form for buying one of this "Big Yellows" as we call them.







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