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In summer 2021 I decided to make the plans for a lasercutter. I found the project Y400/Y1200 from Further Fabrication pretty interesting, followed the video's and finally bought the plans from Rob Chesney. In November 2021 it was ready after a 5 week build. I made some upgrade chassis parts in aluminum 6082 (instead of wobbly 3d printed mirrormounts, carriage plates) to make it even more strong and made a 4040 extrusions table under it. The outer plating was of course drawn in Fusion360 and milled on my CNC. Some chassis and electronics changes were applied to answer my own needs. Best was buying an autofocus ultrasonic sensor, with one touch on the Ruida controller your laser is in focus. I also made my own Bofa filter casing for fume extraction and they say these filters block 99.997% of the fumes, now I can easily use the laser in my house without spilling warmth in my mancave and without suffocating from smoke.

I will mainly use this to cut and engrave wood (decorations), acrylic (Nixie/VFD clocks) and engrave aluminum (frontplates)

Y400/80Watts/Ruida DSP/Lightburn


You can contact me if you are interested !



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